Recent New Features

  • Label Printing
    • Supports selecting label jobs and printers.
  • Mobile Tickets
    • Create hold tickets to be recalled at the POS
  • Transfer Out Pick / Verify
    • Update the quantity on a transfer out.
  • Integrated Offline Mode
    • CSV files are created on the server in the ‘Import’ folder for easy access in Counterpoint for Receivings and Physical Count.

Future Features Planned

  • Adhoc POs
    • Create purchase requests by walking the sales floor scanning products and entering quantities.
    • Create individual POs based on the Primary Vendor of the item.
    • Min/Max Support. Warning if adding an item that hasn’t dipped below the minimum quantity.
  • Function Specific Speech
    • Users will be able to target specific functions to be speech enabled.
  • Advanced Physical Count Reconciliation
    • This feature allows more thorough review, reporting, audits and manipulation of count data prior to pushing into Counterpoint.
  • Mobile Payment Processing
    • The current mobile tickets function creates hold tickets to be recalled at the POS station. This feature will allow tickets to be completed with full payment directly from the handheld.
  • Migration to Windows 10 Mobile Devices

Recent Bug Fixes

  • Unable to exit bin location assignment by pressing ESC
  • Changing location or item number in bin location assignment did not lookup the current bins.
  • Various navigation and control focus issues.
  • Transfer out create does not validate that the item is on file (returns CFFaultException)
  • Removed the “Update Item Barcode” menu option since that functionality is on the barcode tab.
  • If no default printer is set for the label job, the printers drop-down was empty.
  • Switching units in Mobile Tickets and Physical Count produces and unhandled exception error.
  • Item label selected unit not being passed to the service correctly since it is a “char”. Change service and client to use data type “string”.
  • Speech and navigation problems in Item Labels

Minimum Hardware Requirements

  • Windows Embedded Handheld 6.5 (or Windows mobile 6.5)
  • WiFi
  • 128M Storage (ideally 256 or more)
  • Handheld device should have:
    • a dedicated numeric keypad
    • a dedicated ESC button
    • dedicated cursor keys (up, down, left, right)

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