Mobile Receiving with a PO  – Quick Receiver Now you can scan shipments of products and create a receiver on the fly or reconcile the shipment against an open purchase order in NCR Counterpoint. Our handheld solution will allow you to:
  • Receive without a PO  (Quick Receiver)
  • Receive with a PO

Mobile Receiving without a PO  – Quick Receiver

 receive without a po using a handheld quick receiver If you are receiving a shipment without a purchase order created, you can use the Quick Receivings option to Scan and import the receiver into NCR Counterpoint. Select the receiving location, the vendor, the transaction date, and enter the reference number. You can scan the barcode, enter the item number, or select the item from the lookup. Once the item is entered, enter the quantity. When completed, click save.


Mobile Receiving with a PO 

 Mobile Receiving > PO Lookup  
 lookup open purchase orders in NCR Counterpoint for receiving     When Mobile Receiving is selected, a list of POs become visible or search for a specific PO by keyword.
 Mobile Receiving > Item Reconciliation  
 mira_po_reconcile     Once the PO is selected, the user can scan or enter the item(s), view the Qty Ordered and Qty Expected, and the expected cost.   Both the Received Qty and the cost can be entered during this process.