Mobile Point of Sale allows you to help you move those lines through, generate more revenue, and keep your customer’s happy with shorter wait times. MIRA is a great solution for those NCR Counterpoint users that are looking for line busting or hold/recall options at the point of sale. This is a powerful solution during your busiest season!

Mobile Tickets for NCR Counterpoint > Enter Items

You’ll be able to scan barcodes or lookup the item. You can change the alternate unit, enter the quantity, and modify the price.
Mobile NCR Counterpoint Enter Item You will be able to scan the items barcode or lookup the items to add them to the ticket. Both Normal and Gridded items are supported. Alternate Units: If you item has been configured with an alternate unit in NCR Counterpoint, you’ll be able to sell using an defined alternate unit. Quantity: You will be able to change the quantity of the item Price Changes: Price overrides can be performed on the fly. You will be able to change the price and track the reason codes.

Mobile Tickets for NCR Counterpoint > Ticket Functions

 Update Sales Rep using Mobile NCR Counterpoint Edit the Sales Rep: You will set a default sales rep for the mobile tickets. Although a default is set, you will be able to modify the sales rep on the fly.

Mobile Tickets for NCR Counterpoint > Customer Functions

Customer Lookup using NCR Counterpoint Mobile The customer lookup allows you to search customers by name or number. This allows you to easily search for the customer and associate them to the ticket. Cash customers without an account in the system can bypass this step by using a default cash customer. The customer can be added in the middle of the ticket by accessing the menu from the bottom of the ticket screen.

Mobile Tickets for NCR Counterpoint > Hold Functions

Assign a Hold ID for Mobile NCR Counterpoint Once you have scanned the items, associated the customer, and updated the sales rep (if needed), you can complete the ticket. Completing the ticket allows you to assign a hold number and provide the customer with a ticket. The customer will provide the hold ticket to the cashier where the transaction will be completed with payment.