Put the power of mobile into the hands of your staff to complete inventory transfers. The following inventory tasks can be completed with our handheld solution:
  • Create Transfer Out
  • Pick / Edit Transfer Out
  • Receive Transfer In
  • Quick Transfer

Create a Transfer Out

Create a transfer out for NCR Counterpoint using the handheld scanner You will be able to create a transfer out from the handheld. Assign the transfer number and the locations where the transfer of the inventory will occur. Scan the barcode, enter the item, or use the lookup to find the item. Enter the quantity and select the stocking unit. Click Save when finished.

Edit / Pick a Transfer Out

 pick a transfer out in NCR Counterpoint Select an open transfer out to edit or pick. You’ll be able to update the item with the correct quantity as you go through and verify the scanned items against the transfer out.

Receive a Transfer In

receive a transfer into Counterpoint using the handheld Use the handheld scanner to receive any posted transfer out. You’ll select the transfer out and then scan and receive against it. By using the handheld, you’ll be able to find and correct mistakes.

Quick Transfers

 quick transfers using handheld for NCR Counterpoint Process an immediate transfer of products using Quick Transfers. Select the From and To location, as well as the transaction date. You’ll be able to scan the barcode, enter the item number, select the item from the lookup. Enter the quantity and click save.