Easily complete physical counts using our handheld devices. You’ll be able to count products, save to an audit trail table, then create the NCR Counterpoint physical count transactions. Once the counts have been entered into NCR Counterpoint, you’ll be able to run the edit list report and post the adjustments.

Mobile Physical Count  > Enter Counts

NCR Counterpoint mobile for physical ounts You can scan the barcode, enter the item number, or lookup the item.  The item and the item’s description will display. You will enter the count of the item and then submit. If the items are stored in two different areas, you can enter and submit two counts. The system will total them together.

Mobile Inventory Adjustments > Enter Bin Details

 Enter physical counts with counts and bin location for NCR Counterpoint Mobile You will be able to select the user that is counting and enter the bin location for the item you are counting. This setting will remain the same until you change it.