Mobile Inventory Adjustments allow you to process inventory adjustments with a wireless, handheld device.

Mobile Inventory Adjustments > Enter Transaction Data

Inventory Adjustments for NCR Counterpoint Mobile You’ll first select the location where the adjustment is being made. You can change the location by clicking on the down arrow to select a location from the list. Enter the transaction date that the inventory adjustment should be shown as completed. You can optionally enter a document number on the inventory adjustment transaction.

Mobile Inventory Adjustments > Enter Item Detail

 MIRA Mobile Inventory Adjustment for NCR Counterpoint You’ll then be able to scan the item’s barcode, enter the number, or look the item up to enter the product. You’ll be able to verify the GL account number being used to create distributions for the transaction. Enter the quantity of the adjustment and save. Saving the transaction will enter it into NCR Counterpoint for later posting.