We recommend the following devices because of their durability, rugged nature, and reliability in the field.

Intermec CK71 Handheld Device

Part Number

Item Description


Handheld, CK71 –

Workload demands can shift unexpectedly. That’s when you and your team will be glad you’re using CK71 mobile computers.

1 Device

Holster, CK71 w/ Scan Handle

1 Per Device

Scan Handle, CK71 – Attaches to mobile computer with screw in handle.Does not interfere with Vehicle Dock or Holder use. Not compatible with Magnetic Stripe Reader.

1 Per Device

Battery Pack, CK70/CK71 –

Spare or replacement battery pack for CK70/CK71

(one pack included with each mobile computer).

1 Per Device

CK70/71 NA Power Cord –

Accommodates one mobile computer and one

auxiliary pack charger, capable of supporting

two battery packs. Provides USB Host and Client

connectivity. Includes power supply. North American

customers should order configuration that includes

NA Power Cord. Supports USB cable via USB Client port for connection to Host PC. Supports optional Ethernet module or Analog Modem module via USB Host

port. Charges mobile computer in less than 4 hours

(typical); up to 6 hours for fully discharged batteries.

1 Per Store